Friday, June 7, 2013

Portland, OR NOT is not fun for tourists. . .

. . .Tourists? Oh, welcome to Portland, OR NOT,
the city that never shines. Nothing to do
except getting wet, catch pneumonia and
die; if you're lucky. In Portland we are worm, wet
and tattooed. You'll find plethora of restaurants and
coffee shops that are smoke free, food free , coffee free,
and gluten free.
However, there's water all-you-can drink ten feet
away from the door, of course, and nothing to eat.
Exciting isn't it?
You'll have the opportunity to walk the mush-covered
side walks in the soaking rain, and hope that some old
tree, building and/or bridge doesn't break and falls
on you. Yes there's so much excitement I ran out of ideas.
So, if you came to visit  Portland, OR NOT pack your bags,
run back home and tell your family and friends
that Portland, OR NOT ain't HOT!
Exciting isn't it?
The artwork is David Bowie by me.

Etude: Daniel Dench
©2013 Copyright

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